The Gardens

The school has a one acre walled garden and is one of only a handful nationally to be awarded RHS level 5 status. Students are taught to the highest possible standards.

The beds and borders throughout the school are maintained and sometimes designed, by the students themselves, through taking cuttings, potting on, raising seedlings and eventually stocking our gardens and pruning when required. The school grows its own vegetables, which occasionally stock the kitchens, as well as being sold on the sales trolley each Saturday, along with bedding plants, fruit, hanging baskets, apple juice and honey. Students are taught sustainability through making their own compost, propagation, recycling of materials and make the use of the school’s natural habitats such as the ponds and woodlands. We also provide plants for Cannington in Bloom, which has been awarded a gold for two years and the school has also been awarded separate awards in recognition of the work done by the boys in the community.


The Quantock Beekeepers have previously kept their hives at Brymore and boys from Brymore attend training and handling sessions at their Apiary at Spaxton. A video about them can be found: