At the start of Key Stage 3 we begin by embedding the expectations and aims of Drama at Brymore. These include the Freeze rule and the importance of listening, co-operation and teamwork. Students learn about each other and then go on to develop their miming skills, a Drama vocabulary, focus/control and the importance of trust.

In Drama we also promote cross-curricular skills such as being able to work independently, in pairs and groups as well as developing confidence when speaking in front of others. The students also begin to learn the importance of developing physical control when performing.

The students are given many opportunities to express creativity and learn how to assess and discuss the work of others. Body language, tone, expressions, gestures, eye contact are developed so that meaning can be convincingly expressed to an audience. Positioning skills are introduced and much work on improvisation takes place also.

Lessons are lots of fun and learning is enthusiastically embraced. Students will work towards performing a play at the end of the Summer Term.