Kemp House

Kemp House is a newly built (2010) boarding house with a large, spacious common room and a student kitchen for the boys to make themselves refreshments and light snacks. With 50 beds in a number of 2/3/4 bed dormitories it offers the Houseparent the opportunity to ensure that all boys are happy with their sleeping arrangements.

Mr Fewtrell is the Houseparent of Kemp House and works tirelessly to ensure that all boys feel like the boarding house is a home from home. Born in Shrewsbury and growing up in the Shropshire countryside ensured that Mr Fewtrell’s childhood was filled with everything he strives to provide for the boys such as security, warmth and an appreciation of the environment we all live in. For a number of years Mr Fetwrell ran his own gardening business before waking up one day and realising he wanted to do a role that gave him something back and which invigorated him. Undertaking a part-time degree with the Open University whilst working in retail ensured he achieved an Honours Degree in History before embarking on the Graduate Teacher Programme with the Dorset LEA which he completed in 2007.

Mr Fewtrell has worked locally teaching in Ladymead School and Haygrove School but it was his love of the pastoral side of this vocation that lead him to becoming a Houseparent and a role that he loves and which came naturally utilising his skills in pastoral care combined with his empathetic nature. Mr Fewtrell loves the sense of community that comes with the school and how it offers him the wonderful opportunity to make a difference to all of the boys in his house.

Mr Fewtrell enjoys all sports especially football, basketball and mountaineering. When not on duty he enjoys watching Game of Thrones with his favourite film being Shawshank Redemption. For his sins Mr Fewtrell supports Manchester United and Wigan Rugby League team and enjoys watching Worcestershire play cricket.

To contact Mr Fewtrell:

07733 937409 (mobile)

01278 655564 (office)