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“An historian should yield himself to his subject, become immersed in the place and period of his choice, standing apart from it now and then for a fresh view.” Samuel Eliot Morison

History at Brymore brings creativity, thinking and challenge into the classroom.  Boys will learn the colourful history of fascinating people from past societies, ranging from the Ancient Romans to the native peoples of America.

Year 7

As an introduction to history at KS3 we will take a journey through British history from 1066 and the Battle of Hastings, finishing with The Crusades. During the year the pupils will develop the skills needed to be young historians, and of course, their literacy skills.

Year 8

Beginning in September 2015, the year 8 course will continue our study of British history, with a particular focus on human rights throughout the year. They will discover the history of the English Civil War and the Industrial Revolution before moving on to a study of the history of the British Empire and slave trade.

 Year 9

During year nine, boys will study the major events of the twentieth century, developing their skills of investigation, communication and evaluation amongst others. We will begin with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, and the descent into World War One, before moving onto the interwar period, World War Two, and the Cold War.

 What is GCSE History like?

The GCSE History course builds on knowledge from Key Stage 3 and enables boys to develop valuable skills for further study.  The range of topics have been chosen to serve the key aim of inspiring interest. Units of study include The American West, The Vietnam War, Crime and Punishment, from the Romans to the present day, and the Transformation of Surgery, 1840-1918. You will need to be prepared to write essays, work independently, investigate, communicate your opinions effectively, and have an enthusiasm for the past.

EXAM BOARD: Edexcel History B

How many exams do I take and when?

Three exams (American West, Crime and Punishment and The Transformation of Surgery) in the summer term of Year 11. The unit on Vietnam is a controlled assessment task to be assessed internally.

A more detailed course breakdown for GCSE can be found here

Head of History: Miss H Lee-Joy

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