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Piglets for Sale

Brymore Farm have British Lop store pigs (buy to rear) for sale for only £1 per kilo. They are able to leave the farm from February 2nd 2013 and start from 30kg upwards. If you wish to consider buying one (or more) of these rare breeds then please contact the farm on 01278 652428.  

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Poultry Club inspirational!

The Poultry Club at Brymore, run and organised by the Brymore Boys (with a helping hand from Mrs Whyte) has inspired another Somerset school to set up a similar scheme. The Brymore Poultry Club is a long established tradition at the school and is another way of the boys showing off their resourcefulness and responsibility by keeping their own chickens within a set-aside area of the school. There are chicken houses, … Continue Reading

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Elite Fitness at Norton Manor Camp

On a cold Sunday morning in December; eleven of our brave souls sought to climb the highest heights in terms of physical endurance and strength.  Things that Brymore boys have in abundance due to the magnificence of their dedication to activities such as Chads, fitness and circuits but to name a few. Even a broken down minibus was not to deter us.  A big thank you to Mr Kingston for his jump leads … Continue Reading

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Christmas Smiles!

‘Smiles for Christmas’ was chosen as an opportunity to allow Brymore School a chance to give something back to the local community of Cannington.  There are 48   elderly people who live in supported housing in Cannington and most of these will have spent Christmas on their own.  The boys and staff of Brymore really hoped to make this one to remember for them and so worked with Homes in Sedgemoor … Continue Reading

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