Poultry Club inspirational!

The Poultry Club at Brymore, run and organised by the Brymore Boys (with a helping hand from Mrs Whyte) has inspired another Somerset school to set up a similar scheme.

The Brymore Poultry Club is a long established tradition at the school and is another way of the boys showing off their resourcefulness and responsibility by keeping their own chickens within a set-aside area of the school. There are chicken houses, runs and a free-range area and the boys can breed from the hens or sell the eggs, which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit.

Since September 2012 the Taunton Academy have been using Brymore’s facilities as part of their enrichment programme and it was during one of the visits that  a group of the Academy students and their teacher – Matthew Naum, were inspired into recreating this in some form at their school. The students researched poultry and found a suitable place in their school to build a run and shelter and along with guidance and chickens from Brymore they now have their own Poultry Club. Brymore Boys, James Kerry and Cyrus Dorrington recently visited the school to show them handling techniques, basics of poultry keeping and how to look after their chickens.