Elite Fitness at Norton Manor Camp

On a cold Sunday morning in December; eleven of our brave souls sought to climb the highest heights in terms of physical endurance and strength.  Things that Brymore boys have in abundance due to the magnificence of their dedication to activities such as Chads, fitness and circuits but to name a few.

Even a broken down minibus was not to deter us.  A big thank you to Mr Kingston for his jump leads which saved our event as well as Miss Bradford’s Carol Singing outing later on.

2.2 miles and 8 gruelling exercise stations was what our boys had to master.  Each station was split into three levels of difficulty and the boys were fantastic – it was such a pleasure to see them do so well.  Everyone worked well as a team and the encouragement was excellent. Well done to A Warren, W Chubb, J Coaker, C Coleman, W Foale, C Herbert, J Kerry, F Perry, H MacGregor, G Stockton and B Williams who will all will receive a certificate for their achievements.