Brymore has a proud tradition in both rugby and athletics. Rugby, cross-country and hockey are the main winter sports, with athletics and cricket in the summer term. Other sports such as volleyball, tennis, table tennis, sailing, mountain biking, using our  purpose built track and swimming in our own outdoor pool are enjoyed by many.


Sports form a major feature of life for many boys at Brymore and the Academy has achieved great success in competitions against schools many times its size. Apart from timetabled PE and games periods, participation in sports is voluntary. Nevertheless, most boys are active in at least one sport and regularly attend evening fitness training. In all sports the emphasis is on team effort rather than reliance on ‘stars’, and the sense of competition is tempered by an emphasis on good conduct and acceptance of rules. A vast majority of the pupils represent the School at one sport or other during their time at Brymore.  A key tradition is the school run – “Chads Hill” –which is near two mile route and all boys are expected to run it once a week.

Brymore has a long history of boys who have gone on to represent Somerset at rugby and athletics with many going to achieve national recognition.

With the GCSE and BTEC course boys are now activity encouraged to volunteer to support and lead in sporting opportunities across the school.