Farm and Garden Duties

One of the things that makes Brymore unique is the chance to work in real life situations, with equipment and animals which ensures that the boys can truly develop the three Rs of responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience. As part of this it is vital that all boys carry out the Farm and Garden duties required of them and this applies to both outboarders and boarders.

All duties are a higher priority than every other activity and it is important to remember that these are real working situations where the production of a profit is essential. Boys know they must take this distinctive opportunity seriously and work safely at all times.

For both Garden and Farm duties it is important to adhere to these expectations to ensure the job is well done.

IMG_3382What is expected? A good attitude, hard work, care for others, tools, plants and animals, finishing the job and working as part of a team is a must, it is important to wash all tools and return to the tool shed.

What is worn? No school uniform, only overalls and steel toe capped boots, wet weather clothing and warm clothes for winter and no torn or baggy clothes which could get caught in machinery.

Rules: It is important for boys to be on time and to listen carefully and follow instructions. There is to be no eating, throwing or causing any damage to property, plants or animals and breakages must be reported.

Peer assessment: Older students hold roles of Heads of Department (HoD) and it is their job to assess and grade boys working with them, alongside the teaching staff.

Registration: It is vital for boys to line up quietly outside the changing rooms and wait for a member of staff. Boys should not leave practical lessons without asking the member of staff.

Who helps? HoDs (responsible Year 11s) are chosen to help Year 9 pupils with the tasks.