Brymore believes that the development of the individual and the healthy life of the community are complementary. Accordingly, the house arrangements are designed not only to give maximum scope for private study but also to develop the key social skills of tolerance, compassion, understanding and care.

IMG_3555Each house is in the care of a Houseparent who takes a close interest in every pupil’s general progress and welfare. Together with the Head and Deputy Head of Boarding, the Houseparent is at the heart of the pastoral care and together they nurture the interests of each child. All House Parents are supported in the house by a team of matrons, Assistant Houseparents and House Tutors.

There are 3 separate boarding houses each of which accommodate up to 50 boys each. Within each house there is a combination of Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 except in the case of Kemp which is our Junior Boarding House for the Year 7 boys along with their older mentors. Outboarders are allocated to a boarding house, so that they each have a common room which they can use at lunchtimes and know that there is a place where they belong on evenings when they stay at school for activities, prep or farm duties.