The IT department provides a practical coursewhich teaches boys to be independent, creative and analytical learners, whilst gaining essential skills for life after Brymore. We encourage boys to understand the important role that information technology will play in their lives, as the pace of change brought about by new technologies affects the way people live and work.

What will ICT be like?

At Key Stage 3 students study a range of units which are designed to develop their confidence in ICT and Computing. Boys also have access to a remote desk top which enables them to work from home.

In Year 7 students learn about the E-safety, they create their own websites and gain confidence in a range of Office applications by working on the Brymore Farm Shop project with close links to the farm and other subjects. They develop skills in using spreadsheets and databases and produce a range of marketing materials which they mail merge to customers. They are asked to consider how to make Brymore Farm a profitable and successful enterprise!

In Year 9 students complete a Computer Systems Unit based on hardware and software components and create a range of digital artefacts for a unit on Technology in the World. Students are expected to work much more independently and select appropriate software for their work.

EXAM BOARD: OCR (Cambridge Nationals)

At Key Stage 4 students complete the Cambridge Nationals which consists of four units, each worth 25% of the overall mark. The course develops greater confidence in a range of Office applications and enables students to apply these skills within a business context, to justify their planning, key decisions and evaluate their work. The units covered are:

Exam Unit R001: Understanding Computer Systems,

Unit R002: Using ICT to create Business Solutions,

Unit R004: Handling data using databases

Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

A more detailed course breakdown for GCSE can be found here

Head of ICT – Mrs N Jennings

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