PSHRE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)

PSHCRE at Brymore is taught throughout the school and aims to firmly embed all those important qualities that embody the “Brymore Boy”. Students will study a range of personal, social, health and religious issues with the emphasis on becoming independent, informed and open minded individuals.

The PSHE core values are:

1. Health and Wellbeing

2. Relationships

3. Living in the Wider World

These are embedded throughout the curriculum from Year 7.

The RE curriculum will follow the attainment targets below from the locally agreed syllabus:



Careers education:

The emphasis on building skills for the future is integral to whole school teaching and pastoral work throughout Brymore.

At KS3 students receive advice before choosing their options to ensure they know the different post 16 pathways that will be available to them,  and the various career paths that may be linked to their subject choices. Emphasis is placed upon educating students to make informed, personalised and balanced choices,  keeping a range of paths open at post 16. Parents are given the opportunity to come into the school to meet with staff before final choices are made.

Students in KS4 all take part in a week’s work experience and through their PSHCE programme create CVs and learn to complete application forms. PSHCE lessons ensure students are aware of the different post 16 paths available to them and how to access them. Students have sessions looking at presenting personal information effectively, managing personal finances and participate in a mock interview programme which uses representatives from local colleges, the armed forces and industry to provide a meaningful experience and feedback. Colleges come and give careers talks to our students in year 11 and we attend local career days/fairs in addition we hold a Goals and Opportunity Evening in May each year, with many colleges and employers attending. Students that are not local receive help and guidance in choosing courses/colleges that are suitable for them from their home region.


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