The Science department prides itself on delivering engaging lessons that support learning with relevant practicals.  Students are encouraged to question the world around them and draw conclusions of their own based on evidence from their practical work and class discussion.

The Science Department delivers the Edexcel Core and Additional GCSE syllabus, to provide the most suitable route for students to achieve success in this all important core subject.  Students will take Core Science in year 10 and on successful completion of the course they will be awarded a GCSE at the end of year 10.  Students will then go on to study Additional Science in year 11 and be awarded a separate grade at the end of year 11. For some students, we offer the opportunity to study triple sciences and this is a big commitment for those planning to follow a career involving science.

In Year 7

Lessons have a focus on How Science Works; our aim is to engage students whilst improving their ability to solve problems and build a good foundation of knowledge in preparation for Key Stage 4.  The topics covered range from cells, genetics, forces, electrical circuits and environmental science.

In Year 9

Lessons still have a focus on How Science Works and tend to have a practical focus.  Our aim is to ensure that the students are prepared for Year 10 where they sit their core GSCE in the summer term.  The topics we cover range from space, the Universe, specialised cells, reactivity series, atomic structure and wave behaviour.

What will GCSE Science be like?

GSCE Science provides challenge at every level; lessons are designed to be engaging whilst delivering the large amount of content in the Science specification.   Independent learning is encouraged and supported alongside a provision for students requiring additional support.  The intention is that Science will be memorable for students when they leave Brymore and they will consider a future in a scientific field.




­Classification                                                       Space inc Origin of the Universe

Cell Organelles                                                    National Grid and Generation of electricity

Pathogens                                                            Electrical Circuits

Immunity                                                               Hydrocarbons

Fractional Distillation                                          Pollution

How many exams do I take and when?

In Year 10

Students will sit B1, C1, P1 exams and a Controlled Assessment (Coursework based on a practical investigation).

Each Unit being equal to 25 % of their core GCSE

In Year 11

Students will sit B2, C2 and P2 exams and a Controlled Assessment (Coursework based on a practical investigation).

Each Unit being equal to 25 % of their Additional GCSE

A more detailed course breakdown for GCSE can be found here

Head of Science: Mr L Winter

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