The Workshops

The workshop complex is situated in the middle of the school and comprises of separate workshops dedicated to wood, general metal and sheet metal work. A Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM) suite, with twenty five computer workstations, welding facilities, foundry and forge all combine to ensure students have access to unrivalled facilities.

BrymoreDay016Students produce work of a quality and size not usually seen in many schools, including five bar gates, working trailers, garden benches and dog kennels. They are taught adult skills that are necessary in the workplace, as well as attaining outstanding GCSE results. Examination classes of approximately sixteen students, will often have two teachers, a specialist learning support assistant and a specialist technician. Opportunities outside of normal lessons include: advanced engineering, coppersmithing, welding and wrought iron work taught by our own blacksmith. Examination courses include GCSE Design and Technology and EAL L2 First Certificate in Engineering Technology.