An amazing opportunity to do a ‘hands on’ subject in school!

The Farm is at the heart of Brymore and for students interested in working within the Land Based Industry Agriculture is an excellent choice.

Year 7

An introduction to all things farming. The carousel system means that the students get to visit the farm during all of the seasons to get a full calendar at the farm. In this year the focus is on learning the basics in health and safety, routine husbandry and practical skills around the farm. Students will learn how to weigh the pigs and calves, assist with sheep husbandry and learn about animal health. During the year the students will be taken on various visits to local farms and businesses to see large scale practices in the area including a visit to a local dairy farm with a robotic milking parlour.

Year 8

In year 8 students increase knowledge and understanding of animal husbandry and health requirements, practical lessons become even more hands on. Theory lessons are based on understanding of all sectors, beef, dairy, sheep, pigs, poultry and crops. Students complete a much greater variety of practical skills including estate management skills and sheep husbandry such as worming and picking out finished lambs.

Year 9

BTEC in Agriculture.

All students have an opportunity to gain an additional qualification in the land based sector. Leaners need to complete two units of the BTEC to be awarded a Certificate in Agriculture at the end of year 9.

Each BTEC unit is comprised of practical and written elements. Students are given a range of tasks such as posters, leaflets and reports to complete the written sections. The practical activities range from providing animal husbandry such as sheep foot trimming to assisting with a ewe during lambing.  

Practical work will be evidence for the BTEC qualification focusing on livestock skills, estate maintenance, and tractor driving. Students will evidence their practical assessments through job sheets and photographs. The written assignments are issued half termly and students are given a lengthy deadline to complete in lessons and prep. The assignments are assessed as Pass, Merit and Distinction. There are no exams in this qualification and therefore students can work to the level that suits them. All assignments can be assessed twice so improvements can be made to achieve target grades.

The BTEC is an opportunity for learners to achieve in a subject that has no exam pressure and gives an extra qualification in Land Based Studies which gives a wide variety of avenues for further education.

All students are expected to complete farm duties from year 9, these involve staying at Brymore to carry out farm duties both morning and evening for one week every term. Students work with Heads of Department to take part in daily duties such as milking, feeding, bedding up and checking stock.

Year 10 and Year 11

City and Guilds Technical Award in Land Based Studies.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification allows pupils to explore how we use the land for purposes of housing, infrastructure, energy production, forestry production, farming and leisure, field and adventure sports.

They will need to look back in time to explore changing trends and developments of land use, as well as enhancements in technology. They’ll also get an opportunity to develop plant and animal husbandry skills.

What will the student study as part of this qualification?

Pupils will explore how historical land use and management has changed from a greater emphasis on food production to an emphasis on sustainability, environmental management and public access. They will find out how science plays a major role in the modern land based sector by investigating different parts of the industry, roles of plants/crops and animals, whilst considering the importance of biosecurity.

This qualification has three units:

  • Exploring the use of land
  • Application of science in the land based sector
  • Application of technology in the land based sector

What knowledge and skills will the student develop as part of this qualification and how might these be of use and value in further studies?

This qualification develops the following knowledge, understanding and skills:

  • Different uses of land and associated industries
  • Challenges and conflicts that arise when land is used for food production, leisure and conservation
  • How the structure and function of plants affects successful propagation and yields
  • Requirements of optimum nutrition required for animal growth and health
  • What role technology plays in the land based sector
  • The range of technology used within the land based sector from DNA testing to use of drones
  • How science and innovation has influenced technology developments
  • Development of animal and plant husbandry skills.

For the right boys there will be a chance to show stock, steward at the market, take animals to market, see them graded, help the vet, foot trim and see it all being done, visit a robotic parlour and other farms. For some there will be the chance to take the responsibility of being Farm HODs and help the farm staff with the running of our farm. We firmly believe those who take on responsibilities and are offered opportunities within the Brymore Agricultural department are also committed to all areas of the school and demonstrate the required behaviour of a Brymore Boy within and outside of lessons.

Miss K Marks, Head of Agriculture.



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