The Art Department at Brymore has a long standing history of excellence, with boys achieving exceptionally well, thanks to high expectations and good teaching.

In Art, students are encouraged to express their uniqueness and their creativity, whilst learning to motivate themselves and work independently.

What will GCSE Art be like?

Students will learn about different movements, artists and philosophies, whilst developing their own skills, both in 2D and 3D production. They will need to be organised, prepared to work in prep and in ytheir own time to keep a sketch book up to date and capable of doing independent research to improve their grade. Students have many opportunities to follow their own interests and put together work that reflects them as an individual. The exam is based on a Theme which the exam board will set in the second term of Yr11.


How many exams do I take and when?

One final practical exam, including 20 hours of preparation time, under controlled conditions, in class.

A more detailed course breakdown for GCSE can be found here

Teacher of Art: Ms E. Kidd

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