Physical Education/Games

Sport is at the heart of what makes Brymore Academy special.

We have a strong philosophy that every boy should be active, fit and healthy to achieve his best. Boys are encouraged to run Chad’s Hill at least once a week and take part in fitness, circuits and other activities in the evenings.

All boys have something to offer and the key is not winning, but trying your best. Every boy is encouraged to play rugby or hockey in the winter and athletics or cricket in the summer. Boys are taken out frequently to compete with other schools in regional and national competitions across a range of sports, from hockey, cricket and rugby, to race walking and pole vaulting. Students sample a variety of sports including football, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, swimming, softball, athletics, cross country, hockey along with the traditional rugby and cricket.


Boys will be covering activities such as Gymnastics, Fitness testing, Fitness training, Cross Country, Hockey, Outdoor Education and Team Building, Swimming and Athletics.


Boys will be covering a range of activities such as Fitness testing, Fitness training, Cross Country and volleyball. Lessons will also be dictated by BTEC PE requirements.

KS3 & 4 Games

Boys will be covering activities such as Rugby, Athletics, Cricket, Softball and Rounders. With lessons beginning aimed towards more match practices.

In both Games and PE the boys will focus on the 7 headings below. As they go through Key Stage 3 they will look at the following in increasingly more and more depth.

Leadership – Building confidence as leaders and officials, developing skills in both.

Coaching – Evaluating and improving others. Analysing performances and using key terminology to feedback.

Knowledge – PE Theory. Identifying and describing key theory behind physical education.

Decision Making – Practical Performance. Pupil reactions to different situations and using appropriate tactics in a variety of activities.

Mind Set – Their Learning Behaviours. Developing a resilient, persistent and determined performer.

Character – The Sports Person. Developing a performer that demonstrates Sportsmanship, becomes a role model to others and is a good team worker.

Fitness – Balanced, Healthy, Active Lifestyle. Developing understanding of what fitness tests do, how sport can contribute to a Healthy, Active Lifestyle and lastly what effect sport has on our body’s systems.

The topics above and each individual sport are split into progressive levels. Emerging, Developing, Securing, Mastering, Mastering II, Mastering III. Boys are required to complete their own record of process on a specialist Medals programme.


BTEC Level1/Level 2 First Award in Sport        

Core Units

Unit 1. Fitness for Sport and Exercise (External Assessment)

Unit 2. Practical Sports Performance (Internal Assessment)

“Optional” specialist units (Pre-selected to suit Brymore Academy’s provision and resources).

Unit 5. Training for Personal Fitness

Unit 6. Leading Sports Activities

Overall grading (4 Units)

U – 0, Level 1 – 24, Level 2 Pass – 48, Level 2 Merit – 66, Level 2 Distinction – 84, Level 2 Distinction * – 90

Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise (1hr Exam)

Learning aims:

  1. Know about the components of fitness and the principles of training
  2. Explore different fitness training methods
  3. Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels

Unit 2 Practical Sports Performance

Learning aims:

  1. Understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports
  2. Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports
  3. Be able to review Sports Performance

Unit 5 Training for Personal Fitness

Learning aims:

  1. Design a personal training programme
  2. Know about exercise adherence factors and strategies for continued training success
  3. Implement a self-designed personal fitness training programme to achieve own goals and objectives
  4. Review a personal fitness training programme

Unit 6 Leading Sporting Activities

Learning aims:

  1. Know the attributes associated with successful sports leadership
  2. Undertake the planning and leading of sports activities
  3. Review the planning and leading of sports activities

Requirements for BTEC students:

Chads Hill (Minimum 1 a week), Rugby or Hockey Practice (Minimum 1 a week), Fitness (1 a week), Circuits (1 a week) and Saturday Activities (Rugby, Hockey or other sporting activities)


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