Music in Key Stage 3  gives pupils the opportunity to explore music through the medium of singing, rhythm work and the use of keyboards.   There is an emphasis on singing because this is an activity in music which everyone can take part in. Breathing and singing techniques are all important elements of this of each lesson. It also has a number of literacy benefits as pupils read the words and then have to sing them to the music. There are opportunities for pupils to show or develop leadership skills as they manage small groups; group work skills as they take part in different groups throughout the course, and self-discipline as they learn to follow instructions and keep in time with others.  Performance in front of their classmates and then analysis of these compositions are also key points in this course, along with the knowledge of the elements of music.

It is hoped that pupils will enjoy music and there are further opportunities to follow up this interest by taking piano, drums or guitar lessons in the evenings as paid for activities. They can then practise during break and lunch times or after school in consultation with the Head of Music.