Welcome to the revived and exciting Geography department! Geography is nowconsidered one of the most employable subjects to have under your belt becauseof the diverse range of skills and knowledge involved.


With its varied environment, Brymore is the perfect place to study Geography. All

three elements of Geography; Human, Physical and Environmental are present,

which enable the subject to be brought to life in a real and tangible way.

Opportunities to enthuse and inspire will not leave you disappointed.

Geography helps you to make sense of the world around you. It is hands on, it isrelevant and it is fun. Current GCSE courses are a good mix of topics such as urbanissues, world development, extreme environments, rivers and hazards to name but

a few. The course will give you the chance to get to grips with some of the big

questions which affect our world and understand the social, economic and physical

forces and processes which shape and change our world.

There are so many ways of learning in geography. It is very practical with

opportunities to learn new skills such as modern computer based mapping

(called GIS), map skills, interpreting photographs, fieldwork skills, presenting,

role play and debating techniques.

You will improve your literacy through your report writing and written work and

make practical use of your numeracy skills when you interpret data and construct


Fieldwork, or working outside the classroom is a really important part of geography.

Whether you go locally or get the chance to travel further away it will be a brilliant

opportunity to experience some of the things you have learnt about in class, see

things differently and of course have fun.


AQA Geography A (9030) Syllabus

How many exams do I take and when?

Two exams at the end of Year 11& one piece of coursework (Controlled Assessment)

Exam Paper 1; Physical Geography, 1h 30mins, 75 marks total, 37.5% of overall mark

Exam Paper 2; Human Geography, 1h 30mins; 84 marks total (including 9 marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar), 37.5% of overall mark

Controlled Assessment; 2000 word limit, 60 marks total, 25% of overall mark

A more detailed course breakdown for GCSE can be found here


Head of Geography – Mr T Sawyer