Best GCSE results ever

I am pleased to report that the boys of Year 11 have achieved the highest GCSE results in the schools history. A staggering 88% of students achieved 5 A*-C grades, which compares to 65% last year which was also our best ever at the time. In three years the results have now improved from 55% in 2010 to 88% in 2012.

The boys made excellent progress in both English and maths with both subjects achieving excellent results with 76% and 71% of students making three levels progress, again the best in the schools history. This shows Brymore continues to get the most out of the boys who come here, whatever their ability. The boys achieved excellent results in all subject areas with 96% achieving a ‘C’ or equivalent in ICT, 90% in agriculture, 78% in DT, 64% in horticulture, 51% in art and 78% achieving two GCSE equivalents in Science with 98% achieving one GCSE at C or above.

Well done to all the boys with particular mention to those who achieved exceptional results including Jasper Gutteridge, Lloyd Hewish, Lachlan Verry, Tom Blackman, Callum Cameron, Joe Jenks, Josh Ursell and Stephen Harding who all achieved 10 or more GCSE’s at C and above. I am sure all the boys would also join me in thanking the staff and parents  for their hard work in supporting the boys throughout the year.