Best GCSE results yet!

Year 11 Brymore students have excelled in this year’s results, achieving well beyond predictions and smashing previous school records. 88% of students gained 5A*-Cs, with the capped point score likely to place the school in the top 3% of schools nationally, for the second year in a row. Progress levels in English soared to 76%, beating the target of 66% set by the government. The pupils achieved the best ever results across the curriculum, with 74% achieving an A*-C grade in Science, 78% in Design and Technology, 100% in ICT, 88% in Horticulture and 95% in Agriculture. Add to this the fact that 21% of students achieved either an A grade or an A* in English – and we begin to see how well the boys have done. Brymore’s philosophy – expect more – has been truly realised.

Headteacher, Mark Thomas said:

‘We are deeply proud of the boys. These spectacular results, the best in the school’s history, reflect  a steady upward trend over the last three years and this year group has been exceptional. Their achievements reflect the hard work and diligence which is the hallmark of a Brymore boy. They have worked with commitment, energy and drive to achieve beyond what anyone could expect. Following the school’s code of resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness, they expected more – and they got it! We now wish them every success in future.

I’d like to thank our dedicated and inspirational staff, who have worked so closely with the boys, ensuring that each individual achieved his best.  I would also like to thank the parents who have worked with us supporting the boys throughout their journey. We are lucky. As a small school we have been given the chance to make a big difference, born out by today’s tremendous successes.’

Several students achieved outstanding results, including James Kerry, who gained 12 A*-Cs including an A* in English, Resistant materials and a Distinction* in agriculture(extended certificate).
Harry Orr gained 12 A*-Cs, including A* in English. Nigel O’Dea, Sam Webb, Oliver Herrington and Jamie Baker all achieved  11 A*-Cs, with Sam and Oliver both gaining an A grade in English, alongside Harry Barnes, who achieved  10 A*-Cs, including A in English and Distinction * in agriculture.  James Newton Browne  achieved  10 A*-Cs, including As in Science, History and an A* in English.
Ed Foy also gained  10 A*-Cs, including Distinction* in  engineering and agriculture(extended certificate). Meanwhile, Tom Cross, Oliver Hone, Josh Manley, Seamus O’Kelly surpassed their targets, gaining 10 A*-Cs. This is a small selection of the boys, all of whom did extremely well. Our congratulations extend to the entire year group.