Congratulations Brymore Class of 2019! Highest results.

The Class of 2019 were destined to go down in Brymore history as the first year group ever to start in Year 7 and complete five years at Brymore, so it was with baited breath that we anticipated their results this year, to see whether those extra two years would make all the difference to their progress. Boys, you have smashed all previous records with an unprecedented Progress score of 0.34, which is set to make you one of the highest performing year groups in the area. What a way to finish your time at Brymore. We could not be more proud of you and look forward to seeing you flourish in your future careers.

The boys worked exceptionally hard, sitting more exams than any previous year group and attending focus sessions in between these to maximise their revision. Our thanks go to Brymore’s dedicated staff for the hard work they put into these. Brymore prides itself on the attention we are able to give to individual boys and it is such a pleasure to see how well they have done. Parents played their part also, and we thank you for your unwavering support. It has genuinely been a team effort.

In particular, we would like to congratulate the following boys, for achieving among the best results in their year group:

Nick Payne excelled across the board, achieving two grade 9s(A**) in Agriculture and Sport, two grade 8s (A*) in Land Based and Engineering, grade 7 (A) in DT, grade 6(B) in English Language and English Literature and grade 5s (B/C) in Geography and Double Award science. Nick’s exceptional progress score of 1.86 shows he achieved almost two grades higher across the board, than boys of his ability would nationally.

Danie Jenkins deserves to be congratulated for his academic progress and success; achieving two grade 8s (A*) in English Language and Geography, grade 7  in English Literature and strong grades across the board. His progress score of 1.74 shows him achieving almost two grades higher than national expectations.These results are a testament to the hard work he and his family put into revision independently and are proof that the work you put in outside of school has the biggest impact.

Oliver Spence also achieved three grade 9s(A**) in Agriculture, Land Based and Engineering, grade 8(A*) in DT, grade 7(A) in Geography, grade 6s(B) in English Language and Literature and strong grades across the board, achieving a progress score of 1.42, meaning he achieved roughly one and a half grades above national expectations. Alongside Oliver, Ben Trim achieved grade 9(A**) in Agriculture, grade 8 (A*) in Engineering and strong grades across the board, with a progress score of 1.5 again, meaning he achieved one and a half grades above national expectations.

Congratulations also to Toby Ranson, for achieving grade 9 (A**) in Land Based and a strong set of results with a progress score of 1.61, more than one and a half grades higher than the national benchmark.

Boys achieved exceptionally well in Agriculture, with George Cox, Harrison Scott and Drew Wotton all achieving grade 9s(A**), among others. Meanwhile in Land Based Harrison Scott, Alex Christophers, Drew Wotton, William Walsh, Cameron Kinch, George Mills and Oliver Scott achieved grade 8s(A*). George Mills achieved grade 9(A**) in Engineering, alongside Tom Dixon and Connor Bishop who both achieved grade 8(A*). George Mills also achieved Grade 8(A*) in Land Based, grade 7(A) in DT and grade 6(B) in English Language. Cameron Kinch achieved grade 8(A*) in Sport, grade 9(A**) in Agriculture, grade 8 ( A*) in History, grade 8 (A*) in Land Based and grade 6s(B) in DT and English Literature. Drew Wotton achieved grade 9 (A*) in Agriculture, grade 8( A*) in DT, grade 8(A*) in Land Based and grade 7(A) in English Literature, with 6s( B) in English Language and DT. Tim Cook achieved grade 9(A**) in Engineering, grade 9(A**) and grade 8( A*) in Double award science and grade 8(A*) in DT.

There can be no doubt that these boys have proved they are capable of smashing records and achieving the top grades academically. However, what really sets this year group apart is their exceptional progress from their starting points, which is a testament to their hard work and the Brymore ethos, which teaches boys of all abilities that they can expect more and will achieve more, provided they are driven to do so.

The following boys achieved way beyond the national expectations with regard to their grades across the board. Harrison Scott, Alex Christophers, Harvey Reading and George Lawrence all achieved more than one grade higher in all their subjects than boys of their ability would nationally.

Meanwhile, Sam Sarachi did spectacularly well. He is a role model for any student overcoming difficulties and the true embodiment of the school motto ‘diligentia et labore’(hard work and diligence). Sam fought hard and revised hard and it is with enormous pleasure that we congratulate him on achieving grade 5 in English Language, grade 4 in English Literature and grade 5 and 4 in Double Award Science. He also passed his Engineering and ICT and came third in his year group for progress, with an exceptional score of 1.72, almost two grades above boys of his ability nationally. No one deserves this more than Sam, whose dedication and work ethic in the run up to exams was second to none – and he truly has shown that anything is possible, with determination and drive.

But the progress doesn’t stop there. Tom Dixon, Drew Wotton, Harry Meade, Ryan Foster, Angus Mutch, Owen Nicholls and Will Febrey all achieved roughly a grade higher than national expectations in every subject. Meanwhile, Matthew Tyler, William Walsh, Jack Sindrey, Connor Bishop and Arthur Light all achieved more than half a grade higher in every subject, while Toby Newbury Barlow, Caleb Mexson, Aaron Hawkins and Harrison Craig all achieved half a grade higher than national expectations across the board. Cameron Kinch, Nathan Brooks, Tom Collins, George Cox, Harry Weaver, Josh Brooks, Luke Norris, Raffy Powell, Kieran Pepperd, Basil Davis, Arthur Baker, Niall Hammerberg and Josh Jeffries all achieved above national expectations. Boys of all abilities, whether upper, middle or lower achieved good progress, with no group underachieving. This truly is exceptional.

Therefore, I give my thanks to the Class of 2019. We invested in you for five years and you delivered. Congratulations to all the boys in this year group and we wish you the very best in your future endeavours. Once a Brymore boy, always a Brymore boy! We look forward to hearing about your successes.