Duke of Edinburgh Success

30 Brymore Boys from Year 11 ventured onto the Quantocks to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh bronze award expedition and camp.

The boys, grouped in sets of 6, had to prepare and pack their kit, allocate food and plan their route from the school over the hills to the rendezvous point, which was to be home for the night.  Setting off into the hills our intrepid explorers trekked around 18 miles, stopping at checkpoints on the way, until they set up camp at Bob Druitt’s (Old Brymore Boy and ex-Chair of Governors) farm in Crowcombe. Once the tents were all erected the boys set to the task of cooking their meals of pasta, hot dogs and Smash before having some time to relax and play before ensuring a good nights sleep prior to more walking the next day. officially passing this part of their bronze award the assessor remarked ‘that they had all done particularly well and worked very well within their teams’.