GCSE Results 2020

Congratulations Brymore Class of 2020!


Staff at Brymore lined the front of School House this morning to congratulate our boys as they came to pick up their results today. We were delighted to see so many happy faces and to be able to watch so many boys receive the grades they deserve. It has been an unprecedented year for an exceptional year group, many of whom were disappointed not to have been given the opportunity to show how far they have come and how hard they have worked. Yet today is a reflection not only of their approach to school in general but also of their drive, their determination and their loyalty to Brymore. The boys who came in today were polite, grateful and kind – on top of being academically successful. Well done boys!


Not only were boys able to benefit from grades awarded through teacher assessment – a number also received grades better than expected, thanks to the algorithm which took into account the outstanding level of progress achieved by previous year groups.


This meant that, as in previous years, the overwhelming majority of boys performed well above expectation. But in this year, more than any other, the boys achieved their results through consistent, sustained and dedicated hard work over time. These grades are genuine and well deserved.


In particular, we would like to congratulate Seb Ritchie, who achieved outstanding results across the board, including two grade 9s and a grade 8 in History, with his average grade three grades higher than his predictions on entry. This incredible progress is a tribute to Seb’s exceptional work ethic and his determination to succeed.


Will Hatch also achieved on average three grades higher than predicted across the board, including grade 9 in Engineering and grade 6s in Geography, Business Studies, DT and Land Based.


Meanwhile Ed Sage, Louis Bagg and Ethan Carr all achieved more than 2 grades above their predicted grades on entry. Ethan’s results include grade 9 in Engineering, grade 8s in DT and Sport, grade 7s in English, English Literature and History, proving his ability to excel both academically and practically, through sheer determination and drive.


In addition, Nathanael Broom achieved Grade 9 in Engineering, grade 8s in Land Based, Sport, DT, Geography and English Literature and grade 7 in English Language – again an incredible tribute to his creative spark and his academic determination. Meanwhile Aidan Dunn excelled in Geography, going above and beyond to achieve a Grade 9.


As in previous years, several students achieved the highest possible grades in Engineering, with James Edwards, Aidan Dunn, Jamie Veale, Daniel Coombes, Tom Marchent-Saunders, Farley Bruce, Nathaniel Coates, Max Sweet, Bradley Rollings and Will Holter-Hovind all achieving Grade 9s. Will Holter-Hovind also achieved Grade 8 in Land Based and Grade 7s (A grades) in DT, Art and Geography. Congratulations also go to Declan Bentinck for his two grade 8s in English Language and Literature and to Ethan Hake and Daniel Coombes for achieving Grade 8 in mathematics.


This year group has proved yet again that Brymore boys will achieve the highest grades academically and we wish those of you who are going on to study A-levels every success in your academic endeavours.


But what is truly remarkable is how many of you have achieved fantastic grades across the board. The true mark of a Brymore boy is to exceed expectations and to push yourself beyond your potential, whatever your ability. This year group is no exception – with the important point that these grades are a reflection of work over time.


Fin Matthews, James Edwards, James Lochrie, Aidan Dunn, Jamie Veale, Daniel Coombes and Joe Wood all achieved more than one and a half grades higher than their predictions on entry. Meanwhile Tom Marchent-Saunders, Aron Scott, Ben Rexworthy, Jack Rigby, Ben Clay, Declan Bentinck, Farley Bruce, Ethan Hake, Nicholas Winzer, Paul Howe, Liam Johnson, Marley Scriven, Jack Dyer, Louie Liddle, Nathanael Ray and Nathaniel Coates all achieved one grade higher on average. Finally Max Sweet, Archie Hooper, Ashley Dascombe, Reece Sutherland, Leyton McGuinness, James Trebble, Alan Mead and Bradley Rollings all achieved well above expectations on entry.


This has been a unique year group – who were set to break records long before lockdown began. They featured one of the finest Senior Student Leadership Teams the school has ever seen, who successfully launched and ran a Charity Fun Day on their own, which raised more money than ever before. The rugby team were Area Champions two years in a row. More boys than ever have achieved 6th form scholarships to local independent schools. Many will be studying A-levels and several have successfully secured apprenticeships, alongside those boys who will be taking Level 3 courses at college.


Progress is much, much more than exam results. We are proud of the boys’ achievements academically but more than anything, we are proud of the young men they have become. We look forward to welcoming them back to Brymore for Leavers Service, once it is safe to do so.


Mark Thomas said: “Huge congratulations to all of our students who are receiving exam grades today. This year group have shown tremendous resilience over recent months. We could not be more proud of them – and look forward to welcoming them back to Brymore soon.’


Today more than ever before – once a Brymore boy – always a Brymore boy.