Old boys meet new Year 7

The surviving first three years of Brymore boys returned to the school this week, along with the first ever Deputy Head, to meet the inaugural group of Year 7 boys. Alan Hemming who is now 94 was Deputy Head from the opening in 1952 and stayed in post for 30 years.

The Old Brymorians welcomed Mr Hemming as their guest of honour as they planted a tree on the edge of the cricket field.

The first group of Year 7 boys in Brymore’s illustrious history spent time talking to the first ever Brymore boys, who are now in their 70s, and exchanging tales of how life at the school has changed.

Headteacher Mr Thomas, spoke about the importance of respecting the experience and wisdom of the old boys of Brymore, he said ‘we are so grateful for all the Old Brymorians do to assist the school in providing bursaries and support but also in showing our current students that the Brymore family does not just finish when they leave the school’.