Parent testimonial (Year 11 leaver 2012)

I think some of the things that make a school like Brymore work so well for boys like our son is the structure and the discipline, as you know, he was diagnosed with Aspergers towards the end of his time at his previous school. We had been told by staff that he would never manage more than 1 or 2 GCSE`s and he would be lucky to get those. However his English has come on more in a year at Brymore than in the whole of his school career!

As we see one of the main reasons the school is so different is that the teachers show a lot of respect to the boys at all times, but also there are expectations on the boys that they will join in the things on offer. He is beginning to realise through the sporting activities that although he may not always want to do things, like run chads once a week, go to fitness, it is an expectation, and actually there are often things we need to do that we dont `feel` like doing in life, but sometimes we just have to get on with it, and sometimes feel better for it!! (I`m sure you will agree that we all feel like this at times) This is beginning to transfer across to his academic work, he will see that he needs to do homework even though he doesnt want to! Unfortunatly some boys will need rules, enforcments before they start to see the benefits of this and if left to choice will never do it.

In summary, as you have seen for yourself, Brymore has turned around a very unhappy child who was failing, into someone who is thriving and will hopefully be employable at the end of his education, which is after all the ultimate aim of education. We strongly believe this is down to the structure and the discpline, and the fact that every member of staff is reacting calmly and in the same way, although, they see each boy as an individual, and can make allowances for their differences within the structure.