Parent testimonial (Day boy – Year 12 2012)

Since being at Brymore our son’s confidence has gone off the scale. Although being a day boy, who could come home at 4 o’clock every day if he is not on duty, he seldom ever does choosing instead to take part in all after school activities every evening, normally not leaving school until after 9 o’clock.I think what sums up a true Brymore boy is that no matter what is thrown at them, whether it is pass or fail or a beating on the rugby field, heads stay up and an attitude of ‘we will try harder next time’ is apparent. The lads always appear smart when they emerge from the changing rooms, another discipline taught at Brymore, and they are always applauded at all the schools they visit, even the private ones. When the boys are out and about they know they are representing Brymore and they ‘do it with pride’.

As our doctor says ‘Brymore has good old fashioned values, if I see a boy that is unwell on a weekday, he will ask me to get him well so he does not miss the match at the weekend!’ This has to prove how unique Brymore is.

We thank you for so many things, but especially for bringing out the best in our son, for making him a son to be so so proud of and for giving him an education that he will never forget.