Smiles for Christmas

‘Smiles for Christmas’ is Brymore’s chance to give something back to the local community of Cannington.  There are 48 elderly people who live in supported housing in Cannington and most of these will spend Christmas on their own. The boys and staff of Brymore are hoping to make them ‘Smile this Christmas’ with a surprise.

Each Boarding House will compete against each other to create a Christmas hamper. The best design will win and from the winning House some boys will go down and present all three hampers. All boys are expected to donate something for the hamper whether that be something to go in the hamper or simply their time in helping to design and make the hamper. Chocolates, biscuits, cake, tins, Christmas food goodies, soaps, hankies and toiletries are examples of items that could be put into the hamper and we are hopeful that we can create something very special for the local community.