Year 11 Parent (2021)

I wanted to thank you and all the staff for the tremendous job you have done with my son over the last 5 years. He is a completely different person from the boy who turned up in year 7 in every respect; academically, confidence wise, sport and attitude. He has really thrived from the opportunities he has been given, the responsibilities and particularly from the high expectations in all areas and the culture of ‘try your best in everything, even if it’s not your thing as the only person the race is really against is yourself’. He has blossomed socially as well and is so much more adept and confident than he was, with a range of audiences, people and activities and things like serving at the Pym’s night really benefited him and expanded his view of the world.

He has been extremely happy here and the additional effort the staff have consistently put in has had such an impact; from Mrs Taylor-Lane taking a kid who could barely write a paragraph in forty minutes to someone who reads all the time, Mr Ashton and Mrs Truman for all the extra hours consolidating and stretching after school, plus putting up with my emails worrying about it, Mr Auston for his good humour and honesty ‘This is not your talent, but work hard and you’ll do ok and think of all the useful things you’ll learn!’, the whole agri, horti and farm team for introducing him to new skills and ideas and a work ethic that few students get, his tutor who has always been both in his corner and on his case when needed and of course the teachers of the lessons he loved, notably Mr Craig in Science and Mr Ellis in Geography and Mr Spridgens in sport, who made him actually appreciate and see the value, enjoyment and teamwork of it.  I’m sure there are many more I have missed, for which I apologise, but my sincere thanks to all of them for the tremendous job they’ve done and the huge effort they have put in.

I know it can all feel a bit of a treadmill at times, but you all really have had an impact and altered someone’s life and it is greatly appreciated. It’s a real shame you don’t have a sixth form as I think  he would love to stay, especially for the subjects he’s chosen, but he is prepared and fully tooled up now for the next step and what life will throw at him. Again, my sincere thanks and please pass this on to staff. (Year 11 leaver parent 2021)