Best GCSE results!

Brymore boys break records – with the best results in the school’s history!

We are delighted to announce the exceptional achievements of the class of 2016. Results this year have soared across the board, with this year group gaining the highest grades ever achieved in the school’s history.

English results have risen to a record breaking 77% A*-C, with 18% of students achieving A*/A, an incredible 91% of students making 3 levels of progress and, even more incredibly, over 50% of students gaining 4 levels of progress or more. This shows the hard work and dedication of both boys and staff and should place the English results among the top in the country for progress. Meanwhile Maths results continued to be exceptionally high for the year group, at 54% A*-C and the best progress scores ever, with 72% of boys gaining 3 levels of progress and above.
Meanwhile, results in Engineering were outstanding, with 100% of students gaining a C grade or above and the majority achieving B, A and A* grades. Agriculture and Horticulture achieved excellent results again, with 100% of students entered at level 2 achieving a C grade or above in Agriculture and 77% of students achieving A*-C in Horticulture. Yet again, a significant proportion of these were at Distinction or A* equivalent. It is not simply the fact that the boys have passed – it is the high grades with which they have done so which makes their achievement so impressive.

It really is a testament to the staff at Brymore as their incredible dedication and tireless commitment tied with going above and beyond for all the boys has paid dividends.

The highest achieving boys include Billy Taylor, who achieved 9 GCSEs including a B grade in English, which represents 5 levels of progress; Dickson Lo achieved 9 GCSEs including A grade in English and A* in Maths. Chris Birchall-Mann also achieved 9 GCSEs with an A in English; Huw Scott achieved 8 GCSEs with Bs in English and A* in Maths. Harry Robinson made some of the greatest progress in the year group, along with Luke Perrett and Harry Dixon, Jack Robertson, Matthew Ranson, Owen King, Josh Groom, Ed Templeman and Harry Taylor-Page. Both Jago Savage and Jason James achieved A and A* grades in English and English Literature, a record since this is the first year group ever to take both GCSEs. Meanwhile several boys made 5 levels of progress to achieve A grades including Cameron Weldon, Ollie Hayter and Joe Parkman.

Mr Thomas said ‘This year group has smashed the record, in true Olympic style and we could not be more pleased for them. My thanks go to staff and parents for supporting them through it and we wish the boys all the best in the future. At Brymore we expect more and they delivered more. Congratulations boys. Good luck next year!’