Boost for bike trail

Brymore School has recently received a grant to help develop a bike trail, purchase equipment and start a cycling club.

Sport England, the national body set-up to encourage sport participation within the UK, has awarded £10,000 to the school for this cycling initiative and in doing so has already encouraged boys to start the sport.

The boys at Brymore have worked hard to build their own bicycle trail in the woods on the school site and with the funds from Sport England have now been able to purchase the bikes and equipment to match it. Along with a number of mountain bikes the school has also purchased some road bikes and will be looking to run a triathlon club in the near future. The equipment was purchased from local company, The Bicycle Chain, and the school and the shop worked very closely together to ensure that the correct bikes and helmets were chosen for the desired usage.

Robert Watts, Director of Boarding at Brymore, states ‘we are so grateful to Sport England for the funding and we have already seen an upturn in the participation rates for cycling even in this short time. With the development of both the cycling and triathlon clubs we are ever  hopeful that this will increase but also that we can encourage a future professional athlete to come out of this.’

bike trail