Congratulations Brymore Class of 2023

What a year group! This year’s Year 11s have set the record for the highest number of grades 8s and 9s achieved by Brymore boys and have truly proved that academic excellence is achievable with diligence and hard work. They have smashed previous records, with the best results yet in English, maths and science, outstanding results in Engineering and Land Based, as well as other subjects across the board.
George Billett deserves congratulations on a stunning set of results including no less than 7 Grade 9s and two grade 8s – a fantastic achievement. Toby Moyle also gained a spectacular 6 grade 9s while George McCormack achieved 4 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s and one grade 7. Sam Chedgey excelled with grade 9s in English Language and History, along with grade 8s in Science.
A number of boys excelled again in Engineering, with Fraser Phillips, Jared Lockyer, Toby Moyle, George Billett, Todd Moyle, Harry Burnside, Jack Baker, Charlie James, Liam Thomas, Jack Pearce, Logan Hawkes, Charlie Wallace, Lennon Rose, Ellis Tennant, Caiden Short gaining Distinction*(Grade 9), along with Charlie O’Brian who also gained Distinction* in Land Based. In English, George McCormack, Toby Moyle, George Billett and Sam Chedgey all achieved Grade 9s, with Leandro Evans, Fraser Phillips, Todd Moyle, Anthony Hill, Hadley-Carreras-Bennett and Alfie Skidmore achieving Grade 8 (A*). George McCormack and Toby Moyle also broke records by taking their maths GCSE in Yr10, both achieving Grade 8s (A*), joined by George Billett. In Science, George McCormack, Toby Moyle, George Billett achieved Grade 9s. Meanwhile in History, Sam Chedgey achieved Grade 9 with Rhys Carr achieving Grade 8.
What sets Brymore boys apart however, is not merely their academic attainment and their ability to achieve the top grades – it is the incredible progress made by all the boys from their starting points, compared with students nationally. This is the mark of true diligence and the greatest indicator of likely success. A staggering 60% of boys in the year group achieved well above their target grades on entry. Leandro Evans was the highest achiever, gaining an incredible 3 and a half grades higher in all his subjects than his predictions on entry, including grade 8s in English and Land Based, grade 7 in English Literature and a string of 6s – what a tribute to his measured dedication all while taking a full part in the school outside the classroom. Meanwhile Fraser Phillips smashed his targets to achieve on average 2 and a half grades higher in his GCSEs than national predictions. George McCormack also achieved over 2 grades higher across the board than national expectations. Meanwhile Jared Lockyer, Toby Moyle, Max Jefferies, Charlie O’Brian, George Billett, Louis Living, Todd Moyle, Harry Golding all achieved more than one and a half grades higher in each subject than national expectations on entry. Rhys Carr, Anthony Hill, Harry Burnside, Jack Baker and Toby Lee all achieved over a grade higher across the board than expected in schools nationally. Hadley Carreras-Bennett, Ollie Trebble, Sam Chedgey, Will Guest, Digby Freeth, Charlie James and Max Harcombe all achieved 3/4s of a grade higher than their KS2 targets predicted and Liam Thomas, Jack Pearce, Callum Havard, Zak Rexworthy and Logan Hawkes all achieved more than half a grade higher than national expectations. Ollie Mattocks, Tyler Duke, Lockie Bamsey also achieved close to half a grade higher than their KS2 predictions. Meanwhile, Charlie Wallace, Matthew Allen, Alfie Skidmore, Mike Cowling and Cameron Pye all achieved beyond national expectations on entry.
Finally, Stevie Naish smashed his English target achieving a well deserved Grade 6, three grades higher than his expectations on entry. Ronnie Hunt did well achieving his target grades and Luke Hooper deserves congratulations on smashing his targets and gaining GCSEs across the board. Every one of these boys deserves to be thoroughly proud of what he has achieved – it’s one thing to achieve the grades you were expected to achieve – it’s quite another to go well beyond those expectations and to prove how much better you can do. In this sense, you have proved yourselves to be true Brymore boys and we have no doubt you will go far.
It remains to bid a fond farewell to the Class of 2023 – we hope you find success and happiness in whatever path you choose and keep in touch – as always – once a Brymore boy, always a Brymore boy!