GCSE celebrations for class of 2022!


What a fantastic achievement! We take our hats off to this year group, who came back from the Pandemic and battled valiantly to overcome all the challenges thrown their way by repeated lockdowns, disruptive ‘bubbles’ and the first set of external examinations in two years. George Jones led one of the best Senior Student Leadership teams in the school’s history, who have gone onto achieve some of the highest grades we have seen, whilst working tirelessly to reinstigate the school’s ethos of ‘diligentia et labore’ as part of our ‘Back to Brymore’ agenda.

Once again, results in English, English Literature, Maths, Science, History, Engineering, Design Technology, Land Based and Art are set to be among the highest they have ever been.

Brandon Perkins achieved outstanding academic results across the board, with two grade 9s (A**) in English Language and Science, Grade 8s (A*) in English Literature and Maths and Grade 7s (A) in Geography, Computer Science, Business Studies, Design Technology, with a P8 score that showed he had achieved on average one and a half grades higher than he would in schools nationally. Henry Elliott-Grooby also achieved one and a half grades higher than national, gaining Grade 9s in Design Technology, Engineering, Land Based alongside Grade 7s in English and English Language. They are accompanied by many others who have managed to achieve the highest grades in several of their subjects.

Results in Engineering were fantastic, with Jack Bacon, Charley Bennett, Archie Collins, Aidan Grandfield, Alex Huxley, Jamie Lander and Martin Nicolle joining Henry in achieving Grade 9s, alongside Max Buck, Josh Case, George Curtin, James Eastaugh, Leathan Jennings, Matthew Neal-Donald, and Lewis Reed, all of whom achieved Grade 8(A*). Jamie Lander also achieved Grade 9 in Land Based, alongside Thomas Sweeney, who achieved Grade 8. English results were among the highest they have ever been, with Teddy Dusgate achieving Grade 9 in English Literature and George Jones gaining Grade 8 in English Language and Grade 7 in Literature. Meanwhile Rami McDade, Jadan Prendergast and George Curtin all achieved Grade 7s in English. Alongside his Grade 9 in English Literature, Teddy Dusgate achieved a string of Grade 7s (A) in Maths, Science and Design Technology, with Grade 6s in English Language, Geography, Business Studies and Land Based. In DT, Henry Elliott-Grooby and Aidan Grandfield achieved Grade 9s, with James Eastaugh, Alex Huxley, Jamie Lander, and Thomas Sweeney all achieving Grade 8 and Max Buck, Archie Collins, George Curtin, Teddy Dusgate, Leathan Jennings, George Jones, Matthew Neal-Donald, Brandon Perkins and Bevan Collicott-Webber all achieving Grade 7s.Bevan Collicott-Webber and Jadan Prendergast also achieved Grade 7s in History. In Maths, Dexter Bullen-Webb, Brandon Perkins, George McCormack and Toby Moyle all achieved Grade 8s (the latter two taking their exams a year early!) while Teddy Dusgate, Alex Huxley, Matthew Neal-Donald and Thomas Sweeney all achieved Grade 7s. Meanwhile in Science, Brandon Perkins not only achieved a Grade 9 and Grade 8, but Dexter Bullen-Webb gained Grade 8 and Teddy Dusgate, Aidan Grandfield, Alex Huxley, Matthew Neal-Donald and Thomas Sweeney all achieved Grade 7s.

We could not be more proud of these boys who have successfully achieved the top grades at GCSE, proving that Brymore boys are capable of the highest attainment academically. Yet what sets Brymore boys apart is the incredible progress and achievement all the boys make at all levels, with students smashing their target grades and beyond – often achieving up to two and a halfgrades higher across the board than they would have done in schools nationally. This is a genuine testament to these boys’ hard work and determination to let nothing hold them back. It is also a tribute to all the hard working staff at Brymore, who worked tirelessly in guiding them along the way.

Archie Collins was the highest achieving student in the year group, smashing his predicted grades on entry to achieve an incredible two and a half grades higher in all subjects than was expected of him at KS2 – including Grade 9 in Engineering, Grade 7 in DT, Grade 6s in English Language, English Literature and Land Based, along with Grade 5s in Maths, Science and Geography.He is joined by Jadan Prendergast, who achieved more than two grades higher in all his subjects than his predictions on entry, including Grade 7s in English Literature and History. Lewis Reed also did exceptionally well, achieving two grades higher across the board than expected in schools nationally. Meanwhile James Eastaugh, Alex Huxley and Bevan Collicott-Webber all achieved more than one and a half grades higher across all subjects than national predictions. Moreover Jed Norris, Brandon Perkins, Elliot Brick and Henry Elliott-Grooby have excelled themselves, gaining on average one and a half grades higher than their predictions on entry. James Ford, Charley Bennett, Alfie Bush, Max Buck and Kieran James all achieved more than a grade higher in all their subjects than national expectations. Charlie Pepper and Tom Gilmartin achieved close to a grade above predictions on entry, while Jamie Lander, Leathan Jennings and Aidan Grandfield all achieved more than half a grade higher than expected in schools nationally. Alex Jennings, Percy Clatworthy and Jack Millard achieved half a grade above expectations, while Ethan Lockyer, Tyler Heathcote, Jude Ballinger, Sam Rigby, Adam Priest, Thomas Sweeney, Tobias Price, Dexter Bullen-Webb and Harry Hardwill all outstripped their predictions to achieve beyond national expectations across the board. Special mention must also go to Harry Dalton and Josh Case, who surpassed themselves to achieve strong passes across the board, including English and Maths. They are joined by Jack Bacon, Jacob Foord, Mathew Williams, Dylan Carreras-Bennett and Zak Calladine, who between them achieved a string of strong passes including Grade 6s in a range of subjects. Success cannot be measured by attainment alone – it is about how far you have come, how hard you have worked and how many barriers you have broken to get to where you are now. These boys are a tribute to themselves and to all that Brymore stands for, proving once again, that you get out of life what you put in – and that there is no limit to what you can achieve, provided you put your mind to it. All deserve to be thoroughly delighted with their success.

And so, it is with immense pride that we wish the Class of 2022 all the best in their future endeavours. We hope you will keep smashing those expectations, continue to go above and beyond and remember – once a Brymore boy, always a Brymore boy! We look forward to welcoming you back to Brymore in years to come.