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Are you aware that, as of 2015 Land Based BTECs will no longer count in school league tables?

The knock on effect of this will be that schools like ours, who currently offer Land Based BTECs such as Agriculture and Horticulture will be forced to drop them from the curriculum, as it will jeopardise their results.

More information can be found in our booklet here.

We are looking to campaign against this but we need your help!

1) Please click on the link and complete the Department for Education consultation before the 1st May. In particular comment on questions one, four and six. Please consider saying no to question 1, and add that other subjects such as land based qualifications should be included; yes to question 4 stating that vocational subjects including land based qualifications should be included in the value added measures; and for question 6 add that all vocational subjects should be included in the value added score which will encourage all schools to offer a broader curriculum. If you do decide to complete the consultation the comments must be your own views, and you are free to ignore the advice

2) Sign our online petition (please persevere as due to the volume of traffic this website can be slow, however if you have the most up to date browser, google chrome, safari etc then these work better)

3) Write to your local MP and share the links and this page with friends, family, the media or anyone who may be able to help.

4) Contact us if you can offer any further support or would like more copies of our leaflet for distribution.