New Year 7 Parent (2015)

So very often it is complaints that spur a parent to be in touch & seldom for the good things. Praise is often spoken but rarely written so I felt it is only right that I should email you to express our complete delight & even relief at not only discovering your wonderful school but also being lucky enough to send our son.
We have a boy whose confidence is now soaring, his academic achievements increasing rapidly & his outlook extremely positive. To hear your child saying he enjoys attending his school & he loves being there is beyond superb. If he’s happy, he’s enjoying learning & therefore working to the best of his abilities. We cannot ask for anymore.
What we would like to thank you for, is that our son is still able to continue to grow without loosing his wonderful childhood innocence – something that is incredibly rare in today’s secondary school environment. We could not be happier that our son is maturing mentally within the confines of your care. As a school you are beyond outstanding & as a teaching team you are exceptional. Your pastoral care is second to none & we appreciate the hours put in by your staff in delivering a complete nurturing care for the good times & taking the appropriate steps for the bad.
The farm & horticultural department are vital components, in what to us, is the essence of Brymore. The responsibilities gained here & practical skills learnt are immeasurable and he would have wilted & ‘academically died’ in his selection of local secondary schools although they are each good in their own right. Our other son does attend one of these schools & is excelling there but this would not have been the same for him. Every child is different as are their capabilities & requirements.
More now than ever before, & even after less than one years attendance, we do firmly believe our son’s personal goal of an Agricultural BSc is attainable & are openly admitting this is only because he attends Brymore. We look forward to watching him succeed through your school as we are certain he will. You are a unique & indispensable school who offer a wonderful opportunity to those boys who would be lost & floundering in other mainstream schools. You quite literally turn young lives around & guide them in the right direction. You & every one of your staff should be rightly proud of yourselves. All your hard word is indeed greatly appreciated!