Year 9 Parent (March 2013)

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with how well my son is getting on at Brymore.

I have a completely different child when he comes home, he is definitely more tolerant of his younger brother for a start. When he comes home or when he calls all he talks about is what he is doing at school and all the activities he’s been doing, he especially loves the tractor driving and was very proud that he had reversed the tractor and trailer through the gate posts on his second attempt!

I would be the first to admit my child is sometimes not the easiest but I know that the teachers and houseparent are putting a lot of time and efforts in towards helping him. I don’t know what you are doing but it is definitely working and it was the best decision I ever made sending him to Brymore. Thank you so much for making my son happy at school again and long may it continue.