Medical Matters

Matron is located at the heart of the Brymore between Kemp and Reid boarding houses and can treat a complete range of illnesses. It is staffed between 7.45am – 10pm, seven days a week, during term time by a highly competent and dedicated health care team of 4 fully qualified nurses.

The Matron is there as the students’ first point of contact in a wide range of important areas, which directly affect their welfare. Pupils consult their Matron when feeling unwell and she treats any minor illnesses and injuries, or administers repeat prescriptions as required. In turn she will refer pupils to the local Medical Centre where necessary.

Pupils will be able to refer to Matron over any concerns over laundry, bedding, uniform or cleaning of rooms. Above all the Matron plays an essential role in the pastoral life of the House and keeps a close eye on the emotional as well as the physical well-being of the pupils’ liaising regularly with houseparent’s and the Director of Boarding over any concerns which may arise.

Mr Alison Roberts Senior Matron
Mrs Kathy Tweedale Matron
Mrs Lorna Walker Matron
Mrs Beris White Matron
Matrons Office
01278 655585